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Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: C. de Trujillos, 7, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34910647896


Without any doubt, it is currently the best room for "Gay Party" in Madrid. There is a Public FOR EVERYONE, and it includes MANY OPTIONS for leisure, and the Staff is very good. I recommend Strong 100%
Review by Laureano Montilla

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The room in general 10 points after the reform. Brutal sound. My experience with the party on day 1, however, was not very good. The people there that day were not to my liking.
I will enjoy the room again and I hope to find more people and of another roll.
Review by Tincho Bobadilla Pérez

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It is a good place to spend a good night. Nice, good music and very good vibes. Those of us who attend regularly are noticing only 1 thing, the prices are getting out of hand very easily. We understand that on "key" dates they can raise the price, but not continuously on practically one more day. A month ago, you went on a Saturday and you found 15 euros for 1 drink, 20 for two... not anymore, 20 -1 drink has been established, why do you go out like that? Take care of the client, take care of the site... I think, not everything can be to earn more, in the long run we will take other options... there are...
Review by Leonardo Hernandez

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Good club, but poor air circulation, high prices compared to other clubs in Madrid. An air conditioner, even in winter, would be a very good use!
Review by Carlos Neto Estilo Funko

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Lively dance & cruising gay club with sprawling dance floor, hosting events & parties.

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