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Actress Lounge


Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Address: Liebenberggasse 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone number: +4367763078909


Very nice and nice women. The service is really bombastic, you can not compare.
The prices are a bit high. But it is not bad, because the women sell their "body".
What bothered me a bit was the one woman from the bar who came to us all the time and somehow urged us to buy something.
I felt a bit uncomfortable because I was not so often in a strip club.
She has also listed any prices and I did not come along at all and was easily overwhelmed.
Review by Thomas Kund


This place is very shady. Went in with a friend. The only way they will give you any service it to buy a mini bottle  champagne. The cheapest one is 98 euro but most of them are 500 euro plus. When you ask for your bill and to leave they say you ordered a more expensive alcohol and you have other charges. All of a sudden a 150 euro bill is 700. The bouncer pinned me in a corner and forces me to pay the outrageous bill. Very shady business that I recommend staying away from.
Review by Anthony Reed


Really bad. We just wanted to drink a beer. In the end it came down to the fact that we should buy the girls champagne. When we did not do that and decided to leave, we paid $ 24 for two acres. The store is absolute rip off.
Review by Anonymous person


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