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Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Address: Andrejostas Street 5k-3, Ziemeļu District, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

Phone number: +37126540555


Significantly better than expected given the lots of bad reviews here. Decent Music, low drink prices and 5 to 10 euro entry fee depending on the type of event combined with a really cool set of "rooms" made us come here twice in a row. Not overly fancy, more a decent mix between a student club and a old school disco.
Review by Günter Deutsch


Great place to party here at Riga.
Maybe a little bit too expensive for the place (I pay 10€ the entry) and the personal are rude.
But still I would recommend it.
Review by Petrus Riipale


There were a lot of people, many people in a rude form boarded by chance. There is a hall inside under the dome, made as a smoking room. And so there are two dance floors in the institution. For drivers: at the entrance to the club on both sides, there may be police, and the driver can be asked to blow into the tube to check alcohol.
Review by Andrejs Zambžetskis


Perfect place. It is best to go in good company and have fun and come up somewhere at three in the morning. The prices for drinks, as in all clubs, are not high, not low. Great area on the street. Pleasant audience, but for girls, a lot of pestering foreigners. The only minus for which I shoot the star is smoking inside, even when people are under a cut, it is still dangerous.
Review by Dominika Pavelková


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