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Herr Nilsen Jazz Club

/ Herr Nilsen Jazz Club
Herr Nilsen Jazz Club


Country: Norway

City: Oslo

Address: C. J. Hambros plass 5, 0164 Oslo, Norway

Phone number: +4794058917


I have been to this bar a few times and is one of my favourites in this area of Oslo.
Great local for live music and a good selection of beers and spirits.
Also has an outdoor terrace.
Review by Robert Docherty


A typical brown pub, where there's no particular dress code. A good place to sit down and grab a beer after work or what you want. Their selection of beer isn't bad and the price level is what you'd expect. On weekdays it's not very crowded, but I understand that it can be in the weekends. Not the biggest place, but a perfect size for a pub. The music isn't too loud, so you can have a conversation written friends without problems. It's a mix of high tables and chairs and lounges.
Review by Eystein H Goksør


One of many music scenes in Oslo, this one's one of the best! Also, and not least important, it's a nice watering hole. Espen Nilsen, owner and tender, is the closest you will come - in Norway - to your congenial british pub host, and the clientele varies from theatre workers/actors through music lovers and performers to barristers and other low-life creatures. Bang slap in the centre of Oslo, next to the Court house, two major hotels and a gay bar, Herr Nilsen is worth the visit! Beer prices in Norway are exorbitant in however way you choose to judge them, but Espen's are not by far among the highest.
Review by Bjarne Stensrud


Probably the best jazz institution in Oslo. Evry day of the week is filled with various theme nights covering a wide variety of music. Weekends are often dedicated to jazz. Don't miss out the Tuesday jam sessions! Great young musicians having fun on the scene.
Review by Jan Stromsheim


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