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FRECCIAClub Roma Tiburtina

/ FRECCIAClub Roma Tiburtina
FRECCIAClub Roma Tiburtina


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Piazzale della Stazione Tiburtina, 1, 00162 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +39892021


It is a comfortable, clean and functional waiting room and, if we have to wait, we might as well do it in a private and relaxing place like this. There are several sockets to recharge your mobile phone. Coffee, water and soft drinks available, including fruit juices. Until recently, in the late afternoon it was possible to find an aperitif with a buffet of canapés and sparkling wine. I do not know if it is still active as a service. On the same floor and therefore nearby, there are bars and shopping arcades that are useful for making quick purchases.
We are in Rome, so it's easy to get busy. Fortunately, it is very broad and well distributed. Almost impossible to remain "standing".
Review by Damiano Cupelloni


Comfortable waiting room with refreshment point. Equipped with a bathroom, desks where you can use the PC, charging points, time display with continuous monitoring of departures. Access is allowed with a special paid ticket or it is free with a silver or superior arrow card.
Review by Vincenzo Del Giudice


Congratulations to all the staff of Roma Termini and Tiburtina.
Beautiful and beautiful complete and very professional guys never a moment of annoyance even when someone deserves it.
Today I met Silvia from Rome Tiburtina.
Thank you.
You can not imagine how nice it is to be away from home leave my Rome my Family but with them feel safe at home and always find a smile and feel suddenly at home.
Thanks again for everything.
Review by Anonymous person


Friendly and helpful staff, clean and welcoming environment. Much less busy than the Romaclub frecciaclub, it is a place to spend the wait for the train (and sometimes, unfortunately, the wait is long) in a pleasant and relaxing way.
Review by Andrea Marchitelli


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