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Lola Club København

/ Lola Club København
Lola Club København


Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Gothersgade 13, 1123 Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number: +4569692024


Was there and had a good time, went out to talk to a friend and was not allowed to come in again without paying the entrance fee again. And then I had to pay entrance fees to be able to retrieve my jacket from the wardrobe super disappointed, would never recommend such a place.
Review by Nørlem Andersen

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Sounds cool with a birthday event, where you can get beer for DKK 10 in the bar until 11 am, but once they let people in (who had not bought a table) at 10:50, the offer is useless. Miserable experience.
Review by Daniel Larsen

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Cool place. Good with opportunities to retire from the floor and play beer pong as well as the karaoke bar on the other say of the club.
However, the floor can be incredibly crowded and that makes movement across the club awful.
The bartenders can also be rude at times and provide poor service.
Had bought 2 bottles of vodka with mixture, then got 2 bottles of mixture which was just Danish water as there was no more syrup, while we waited for the otherwise slow refill got no apology, also next time we were also given Danish water again without taste.
After much grumbling and negotiation we got 2 shots as an excuse and otherwise the bartender ignored us the rest of the evening.
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

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