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/ LoolaPaloosa


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Corso Como, 15, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +39026555693


The service is incredible. All the stuff works hardly for creating a good ambient. Bathroom's are cleaned and music is awesome!! If you want to "fare la notte" don't hesitate in visit it!!
Review by Guillermo del Rey


Had a lot of fun at this place! Lots of people without it being overcrowded, decent cocktails, a good mix of music you can dance to and friendly bartenders! We went on a Saturday night before 12am so entrance was 10 euro with a drink - we were told that after 12am the price goes up, so a little tip there. Recommend for visiting tourists!
Review by Yoshi Shungu


Local told us to go, and read mixed  reviews. Got really busy around 1-2am but so much so it was crowded and hard to dance. People were pushing through. No real dance space.  Alot of older men there which gave me the vibe of them being there for maybe only one thing and most of them were unnecessarily very touchy in order to pass through.
Great bar tenders. Gave a little show on the bar top at 2.15am ladies!
Review by Clare O'Reilly


Good food, good music after midnight and they have girls and guys that dance on the counter after midnight providing extra entertainment if you don't want to dance. They also offer apperitivo but the quality and quantity of foods differ a lot so you never know what to expect.
Review by Linn Muso


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