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Café Berlín

/ Café Berlín
Café Berlín


Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: C, Cost.ª de los Ángeles, 20, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Phone number: +34915597429


Good vive club. Waiting time for entrance (after 1am) can be a bit long but the energy inside is good. The invited DJs are great and the facilities are great. Will return!
Review by Felipe Cruz


Café Berlín is  without a doubt the premier club that offers live music daily in Madrid , from Latin jazz to flamenco & world music . Great atmosphere and artists performing there daily.
Review by Josu Camacho


This is a typical underground scene bar, where you can enjoy music bands, the concerts are usually very low cost. It has a reddish light ambience and good acustics. I have been here to listen to artists and not to drink, so I can't comment on that topic.
Review by Gabriel Capparelli


Huge space, improvement on the old venue. Comfy couches, huge dance floor and live music most nights; I go for the Tuesday night salsa. A bit on the expensive side but, aside from that, I really like this place.
Review by Anonymous person


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