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Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Rödbodtorget 2, Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +46 8 505 244 14


Playing B4B tonight with lovers @jacobxjulian @jdeconzac ...
Playing B4B tonight with lovers @jacobxjulian @jdeconzac ...
Music to FEEL fucking freaking fabulous by
Music to FEEL fucking freaking fabulous by
AW Bygglov
AW Bygglov
Babysitter = danz on xit! Come to f12 tonight!
Babysitter = danz on xit! Come to f12 tonight!
Date with my husband
Date with my husband
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Love baking today due to the efforts of magic people yest...


My husband and I made a reservation online for Publico weeks in advance of our vacation to Stockholm. We were celebrating a special occassion. The morning of our reservation we received an email from the restaurant saying that they had decided to close the restaurant that day through the rest of the summer and letting us know that our reservation was thus cancelled. They offered to reserve a spot at their sister restaurant Mr. French (which offers a totally different cuisine and has very options for someone with a shellfish allergy). So, we never had a chance to have dinner at Publico. Horrible customer service!
Review by SDS769


For all of you who have visited Publico throughout the years: Publico have changed direction and owners in the past month!

Just for you to understand: the main course in the tasting menu was chorizo, some random sausage and pork. It's like the "meat platter" at O'Leary's or Jensen's Bøfhus but at a 650kr price tag. When I asked the staff if they had changed their direction the reply was: "Yes, now it's more Rock N Roll".

The second course (after the starters) was cold tacos. I asked the waiter if they were supposed to be cold. The reply was: "They're supposed to be luke warm, like you have them at home. The next course is warm, I promise". The next course was the chorizos mentioned above.

So, if you've visited Publico before and think about going again, don't! If you haven't visit Publico before and thinking about it, don't! Go to O'Leary's or Jensens Bøfhus or Bierhaus at Tegnergatan to get your sausages at a decent price
Review by Torbjörn S


Absolutely the worst DJ I've ever experienced in my life. Literally played the same song twice in one hour. Crowd was ok but that's only because I came with a group. Pretty dismal scene. Not worth the money if you are coming to dance.
Review by Rosemary J.


I was lucky to have the chance to dine at Publico which is said to be one of the hottest restaurants in Stockholm. I participated in a very large group dinner on a Saturday evening with colleagues, so my review is based on that experience. Our evening started out with drinks in a special event space - champagne and some of the best guacamole I've had in a long time.  The staff kept our glasses full and so we were very happy to kill an hour or two (time flies when you're having bubbly) until the restaurant was able to seat all of us (at 4 large tables.)

Once we were seated we had a choice of some great bottles of both white and red wine, and then the food started to arrive. I was seated with a colleague who also eats gluten free, and the staff was easily able to accommodate us and made sure that we knew what was safe to eat and what we should avoid.

We started out with a selection of tuna and lamb tacos that were seriously, seriously good. Being a taco girl at heart, it's tough for me to resist anything on a tortilla, but these were really excellent - perfectly sized for a few bites and flavor to the max. This was followed by a veal ceviche that was similarly on par in terms of flavor.

At this point, things start to fall apart in terms of service. It's hard to judge the team to harshly, given that we were such a large group, but even so the time in between courses was SO. LONG. The evening just really did drag on. By the time that dessert was being served, I didn't even care any more and just wanted to leave. That was also colored by the fact that I was full as heck. They really kept is well-fed.

Some other courses that we enjoyed somewhat less were the rack of lamb (that was WAY too salty) and the dessert (a vanilla custard-type cake that wasn't thrilling.)

I wish that I could say more about what an individual dining experience would be like at Publico. It was also easy to enjoy tiny bites that some other Yelpers complained about when I wasn't footing the bill.
Review by Katie L.


My wife, her sister and I had a reservation at 10.45pm on Saturday, March 7. The head waiter was very polite and professional. The rest of the service however was so poor I doubt we will ever come back. We were given menus but after that we could see the waitresses walk back and forth for the next 30 minutes without bothering to ask if we would like to order something. Not even something to drink. My wife and her sister finally just walked over to the bar and ordered their drinks. The were away for 15 minutes and I sat by myself at the table looking at the staff, smiling while trying to make eye contact with one of them. It didn´t work.

A few minutes after the ladies came back with their drinks one of the waitresses walked over and stood reasonably close. My wife said "excuse me" and raised her hand while smiling. The waitress, a short haired, sort of Robyn look-a-like looked at her with a serious face then turned away again. My wife then says "Can we order some food" to which the waitress quickly responds "I am on my way" and it was clear she was pissed off at my wife. As if we she expected us to read her mind and somehow know that the first "excuse me" wasn´t ignored even though there was nothing to indicate she would come over to take our orders.

We all ordered tacos, waguye, lamb and duck leg. Of course the waitress couldn´t stop herself from pointing out that the food we have ordered is very little. It´s difficult to explain tone voice when writing reviews but she was clearly annoyed at us. But by now it was almost midnight and we felt this would be enough food. And I get it, if you wanna go to this place to eat and talk to each other you best be there early. The music got louder and louder as they had explained on their website and I´m guessing the waitresses had to deal with increasingly more drunk people. But that´s still not an excuse to treat people like they did. Another waitress who we again had to stop when she walked by our table, took our last drink orders without asking how our previous drinks were, without a hint of smile on her face. She wasn´t rude like the previous one but she wasn´t very service minded either.

The only person who made us feel welcome was the male head waiter who also served us the food and passionately explained what was in each taco. The tacos were ok. If you are not used to authentic food from Mexico and Peru you will probably think it´s great but we travel a lot and make much better food at home. In comparison, Restaurant Puta Madre in Gothenburg is far better than this place in every way.
Review by Behrang S.


Cool, loungey atmosphere. All of the meats we tried were great. Some interesting, innovative taco options.

The service was somewhat leisurely, though in fairness we had a large party. And the lowlight of the meal was the desserts. The grilled pineapple in particular was so rum-soaked that it drowned out the rest of the dish. And I love rum. :)
Review by Toby Smith


Poor service, average food, the pineapple dessert should be avoideda
Review by Michael Lueck


Food was delicious, but we needed to listen lecture from the waiter because of where we were seated by other waiter. They messed up themselves by sitting us somewhere where ALL people should eat, and as two people orderer dessert and only third one ordered dinner, they decided that they will give us rude lecture about it. I offerred to change our table, but they declined and decided to leave us where we are and keep lecturing us instead  about - that this is not table for dessert order. (Most of the tables were empty during our 1 hour stay there)
Please fix your sitting system, and leave your guests out of this information, as this is not problem of your guests!!
Review by Alina Solomonova


I loved the atmosphere, reminded me of steam hotel Västerås, an old industrial office turned to a clean cut restaurant with dimmed relaxing lighting, I didn’t try the menu though i was too tired but I took the desert which I give 4 out of 10, and 10 points to the decor and that’s it only  a 1 minute walk to the parking garage.
Review by Yasmeen Khayat El-Refaee


Great food, but the service was slow. My fiancée and I went and sat down at a table and weren’t even greeted for a drink order for 30 minutes. After we started being tended to by the waitstaff, the service was decent. The food is fantastic and we’ll definitely be back!
Review by Anonymous person


Such an awesome place!
Great interior, great staff and really great food.
The starters are nice and the main course even better.
Really recommend this place!
Review by Andreas Majunie



With a vibrant Latin feel, this elaborately decorated restaurant morphs into a nightclub later in the evening, with exotic dishes making room for even more exotic cocktails. The sound system is state of the art and blasts the best of electronica from both local and international DJs.

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