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Country: Norway

City: Oslo

Address: Grensen 1, 0159 Oslo, Norway

Phone number: +4723356370


Really nice LGBT venue amazing decor inside and lovely staff we ended up talking to the batman and having an enjoyable conversation with him.
We shall most certainly come back here. Drinks were great as they had a happy hour offer.
Review by Alice Bentley


I was out with some friends and someone was there celebrating their birthday, the guys made a quiz about their friend (the birthday girl) on Kahoot and I randomly joined the game and I actually came 3rd guessing randomly and I was told that I needed to join the photo so I did and I guess that's been the best experience I've had at Gamla which was fun as hell!
Review by Sofian Hibout


I recently moved to Oslo and I have been to a couple of spots in the city but none has the electric and exciting atmosphere of Gamla.
The DJ is bunkers and everyone there is nice. You only have to wait on the queue for a bit, but once you get in, you would appreciate the long queue.
The drinks are not cheap though they measure as same with other bars.
Review by Paul Ocheme


Newly renovated space in historic building in Central Oslo, great cocktail selection and warm staff and management, have had a private event there, all technical support (screen/projector network hookups) provided, also open to the public in both bars, great place.
Review by Jonathan Roth


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