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Beauty Bistro & Club

/ Beauty Bistro & Club
Beauty Bistro & Club


Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Address: Piękna 19, 00-549 Warszawa, Poland

Phone number: +48537484192


A great location for anyone who would like to grab a good (and inexpensive!) cocktail and dance with some friends. The staff is very kind. It's a small and cozy club, but there is enough space to dance and the DJs play excellent music. We went here each day during our stay and were never disappointed.
Review by Sophie Magritz


Very good place, nice atmosphere but they don't accept in to bar, I don't know why, i came to this place everyday but last two days they don't take me in the bar, im sure i never did do anything wrong.
Review by Victoria Malaurie


This club was a lot of fun! At first, when I entered this club, the staff were very entertaining and friendly. I decided to sit on their chairs, and I was amazed by the place. It was organized, clean, and cool. Also, they serve different alcohols. I like everything about their club. Honestly, it was a very good place to enjoy. Till next time! Highly recommended!
Review by Tom Wasiak


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