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The Sanctuary

/ The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4A, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +390683796820


Food and drinks were excellent, staff friendly, great location and setting. Not too expensive based on the menu and the locations. I was not a fan of the music, but this is purely my personal taste.
Review by Anonymous person


The location is very beutiful, close to coloseum (300mt). Exotic style, attention to detail.
Genuine and researched food.
The target age is around 30-40 years old.
Good chillout and deep house music.
Definitely recommended!
Review by Spartaco Mariotti


I love the concept of this place - a sanctuary from the hustle & bustle of the city in the middle of the park with unique food & drinks.  I suppose it really depends on where you end up sitting, but I feel like this is better to visit at night.  It has a sanctuary feel with the surroundings, the layout, the furnishings & seating options - but everything seemed a bit worn-out and unkempt, something that you may not notice when it's dark and everything is lit by the moody, dim lighting.  Many of the lightly colored cushions were stained, torn, wrinkled, or mashed, and any wood furnishings we saw were warped-looking, rough, and worse-for-wear.  We misunderstood the theme and thought it was a tiki bar offering a wide variety of themed drinks.  While they did have a pretty good, but limited and expensive menu of drinks, the bartender didn't seem to want to or be able to make a true tiki drink, or anything that wasn't on the menu.  That being said, our drinks were good and somewhat unique.  The quesadilla was basic, but tasted good - could have been crispy and instead was floppy.  The sushi was eh, but the pizzas were pretty good.  Be aware that you basically have 3 choices for food, and they describe it more as "street food" - Mexican w/ tacos/quesadillas/nachos, pizza, or sushi.  No table service, you order what you want at the register at the bar, then take your receipt/buzzer to pick up your food at one of the counters.  The woman working at the register was the only person we encountered that seemed to wish they were somewhere else and all of the other staff were very helpful in explaining everything and answering any questions we had.  Just come in knowing what to expect and it's a fun experience different from many others you'll have in Roma.
Review by Stacee Kersley


Excellent brunch. There is a palette of choices, fusion and some brunch classics. Everything was very well cooked and flavorful!
The place in itself is very enjoyable, with nice decor and a garden feel with the many plants.
Review by Anonymous person


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