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Bremen Theatre

Bremen Theatre


Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Nyropsgade 39-41 1602 København V

Phone number: +45 33 32 50 50


The good, the wonderful, and the fun @bjergrasmus puts #B...
The good, the wonderful, and the fun @bjergrasmus puts #B...
Copenhagen, Bremen, thank you for an unforgettable evening
Copenhagen, Bremen, thank you for an unforgettable evening
Truly blessed to able to worship YOU with Hillsong team
Truly blessed to able to worship YOU with Hillsong team
Fin jaz
Fin jaz
Date Night med
Date Night med


Meh, Bremen made a bad first impression on me.
I wouldn't had come to this cinema if it wasn't for CPH:DOX screening "Louisiana" and another feature film.

Bremen is close to Vesterport station, therefore it can come in handy if you're not in the mood to ride your bike.
First impression overall was of a bit shabby place, kinda old and dusty. Especially the entrance.
The main (and only) screening room was big enough, the audio surround OK and the seats normally comfortable. I think the rows are too narrow, though.
Restrooms were new and clean, what a luck!

Personnel was kind but not as much as the ticket fee. Man, that was expensive!
Talking of which, not along in quality with the movie, but that's not their fault anyway.

It might be subjective but I'm not really comfortable with this movie theater and I don't think I'd go in a third time. But never say never!
Review by Greg C.


Visited Bremen as the location for TEDXCopenhagen, the servers were very friendly and efficient. Toilets were kept clean and tidy. However, the doors from the auditorium to the foyer are a bit thin so you can hear through it during talks. Otherwise a very enjoyable experience with incredible staging and visual art effects.
Review by Raramai Campbell


More than just a theater, also a great place for a drink. Only downside is, It's mostly limited to people with some proficiency in Danish.
Review by Anders Vestergaard


The lobby area smelled like speed! The seats were ok, missed a cup holds though ... The sound was amazing. But the atmosphere was very nice!
Review by Kristoffer Trautner


I love going to the theatre in Bremen! Last Sunday I went to an amazing performance, sadly marred by a ridiculous backlight which blinded me - for the entire 3rd act!
Review by Bruce Jackson


We enjoyed our food and service on the first Christmas Day. The ambiance is pleasant and they took great care of us.
Review by Ernst Urbainczyk


Concert place. Some seats have terrible angles towards the scene. You may want to arrive some time before the show starts.
The bar is not properly dimensioned, so get a drink before visiting the theater or be prepared for a long waiting line.
Seats are fine and the front row is very close to the scene.
Review by Kristian Bjørklund


We went to see the Brian Cox show on June 10, 2017, starting at 19:00. The show was great, although maybe a tad expensive for what it was. I do have a few disappointments about the venue, however - since this was my first time at Bremen.
The tickets said that the doors would open at 18:00, but that was only the doors to the downstairs bar area, which quickly filled up (and a pretty high temperature down there did not help). The actual doors to the theater only opened a little past 18:30. I am very annoyed at this lousy technique to get people to buy stuff in the bar, especially when the downstairs area in front of the theater smells like old spilled drinks and pee... it is obvious that this place is a night club late at night in the weekends.
The theater itself is very worn down, but it also has its charm. You have to hope to not sit behind a tall person, since the incline of the seating is not very steep. And don't have long legs - there is NO extra room for your knees. I overheard several people behind me complaining loudly about having to spread their legs apart to fit (and they still hit the back of my chair several times). The seats are soft and comfortable though.
I do have praise for the employees running around helping people to find their seats, answering questions here and there, and making the stage equipment work. I have no idea how they managed to get a slideshow projector strong enough to show Hubble telescope images even while using a spot-light on the speaker - but obviously their equipment is good!
Review by Anonymous person


Nigth club, bar, comedy club, award-event-place this cameleon of a theater is also an iconic Copenhagen venue that embraces culture in its broadest sense.
The drink card is pretty neat, and the bartenders know what they're doing. The rosemary IPA is one to try.
Review by Louise Nielsen


Pretty cosy. Drinks at theatre prices but nothing outrageous. The seats are not great and legroom is scarce. It tends to be somewhat warm here, no need for big sweaters. They'd like to make a buck on wardrobe, but it's not mandatory. It's nice to get rid of your jacket, but there's no quick exit via the wardrobe.
Review by Michael Pold



Applause, people calling for “encore” and the smell of cigar are a few of the things that comes to mind when you enter Bremen Theatre’s proud foyer. During the week, the historical stages are to this day still used to present music events, comedy and plays.

Every Friday and Saturday, the chandeliers and champagne cabinets are tucked away, and the grand foyer is turned into a tremendous Nightbar, with a vibrant atmosphere and a DJ playing all the right music hits until people go home in the wee hours.

Bremen Theatre on Nyropsgade is among other things known for being owned by “Denmark’s travel King” Simon Spies, who was best known for starting the charter airline Spies Rejser, today owned by MyTravel.The theatre was originally called The Merkur Theatre, and worked as a cinema for the prosperous citizens in Copenhagen.  

The theatre’s scenes and halls are kept in the same style as when Simon Spies owned it and has kept its old charm and patina. If the walls could talk, they could tell many mysterious and chocking tales that has found place in this theatre.

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