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Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Pikk 5, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +3726313929


Special place for those that are into drinks, great company and board games! But it's not for me.
The place has quite a unique and interesting atmosphere. There are board or other games you can pickup and enjoy with your friends.
The drinks selection is vast and I think everyone can find something they like. They also do cocktails with their own unique versions. Sometimes these come with extra protein bites of midges that are all over the place here especially on the restroom walls.
There is not much to choose for food as only a basic selection of snacks is provided. I tried their fries and mozzarella sticks and they were ok.
Restroom was clean, but there were no paper towels to dry your hands with. Water tap didn't work well the stream wasn't strong enough.
There was only one waitress that did everything - served customers, made snacks, made cocktails, served beer, checked COVID certificates and everything else you can imagine. Poor thing no wonder she looked so tired
There are free stickers though
Review by Anonymous person


One of the coolest cafes/bars in Tallinn. Although it is located in the old town and in a street often crowded by tourists, the place has a different, unique style. Nice decoration, good music and tasty dishes at low prices.It may be a little difficult to find, as the entrance on the street is closed and you have to dial a password to open it.
Review by Nikolas Belalis


Fantastic hidden bar. Look out for the blue and red door on the Main Street - you have to press and hold the doorbell to get in. Quiet, cozy, and very friendly staff. Great selection of beers, fairly cheap for its location, and quirky decor. Highly recommend, but please don’t come in large groups that might be quite loud.
Review by James Nichols


The atmosphere was very authentic and lovely, the place did feel like a dissident’s haven. The beer was quite dull though. Although the door passcode does make the place feel exclusive, it’s trivial to figure out whenever you arrive.
Review by Filip Drgon


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