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Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Nørregade 1, 1165 København, Denmark

Phone number: +4531700700


I would not recommend this nightclub to anyone that wish to have a good night. Read reviews about this place and make a good decision. We bought a table for 1100 $ and had to wait for the table about an hour. The bouncers were very polite at the start of the evening but the longer the night went on they became more and more aggressive and abusive. The bouncer dragged people out of the club and punched multiple guys in the head. The toilets were disgusting, they lost many of our clothes (multiple) and they WILL abuse the fact that you’re a tourist.
Review by Bethany Grace


This place deserve 0 stars. I’ve never been this humiliated in my whole life. The “bouncers” don’t have respect for anyone other than Danes. They are EXTREMELY racist. As soon as you don’t fit their criteria (in terms of race and beauty standards), you DO NOT go in. They don’t tell you why and they treat in a condescending manner. They didn’t even let us stand on the street next to their bar. This happened to me, my friends, and other people I know. Additionally black people I saw waiting in line all got rejected. They have no human decency. They are hostile, arrogant, rude, and very shallow human beings. If you’re a tourist, do not waste your time going to this bar.
Review by Anne-Philippe Kakou


If you want to dance, don‘t go inside !!!! The people just push you on the dancefloor and it is very overcrowded! You have to pay 150 kc for entrance and 30 kc for the garderobe, very expensive! But the security is friendly and good.
Review by Zoe Veser


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