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The Rexy Paris

/ The Rexy Paris
The Rexy Paris


Country: France

City: Paris

Address: 9 Rue de la Grande Truanderie, 75001 Paris, France

Phone number: +33624999043


Was there for an After Party on Sunday. Music (electro) was really good. It’s just a small club but very underground and well located in the city center. Some staff members are English speaking (so rare in Paris). We enjoyed meeting with real “parisien”.
Review by Anonymous person


I've been going to Rexy in Paris for almost 4 years, doing evenings from midnight or after. The place has changed a lot and it gets better and better. The clientele is very correct with very good encounters. The Staff is at the top and very nice!
I am very happy to find this place again after several months of confinement, new people are coming to the club and it is heartwarming to meet new people
A unique place to start and end the evening at lunchtime for the most motivated
Review by Manon Aupetit


Great evening with really cool music to let off steam (I went there after) and above all the awesome staff!! Who found me my bag that I had stupidly misplaced in the box full of people so impossible to get my hands on it…. I went through all the emotions so that in the end in the early morning the boss called me to tell me the good news!! When I went back to pick it up it was obvious that everyone was happy and relieved for me frankly Everyone was super nice, human and empathetic with me!! So I take this opportunity to thank you again a thousand times in short I will come back with my friends and in addition I made great encounters with people who come there to have fun without the fuss everyone was super cool . PS: last advice, leave your bag in the locker room don't do like me
Review by Nana Mina


Good .. Good .. Very Good ..! It's the Superb After-Party Moment that I spent with a few Friends at the Rexy .. Welcome from the entrance (Special Dedication to the Opener) .. Good Service and Good Atmosphere at the Bar (Bravo to the Team ) .. Very Sympathetic Clientele and Without Fuss .. We were there to Extend The Night .. It was a success! Aahh there are still some Surprising and Delicious Places in Paris ... Thank you, and see you soon, Le Rexy Club Paris!
Review by Anonymous person


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