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Friends club

/ Friends club
Friends club


Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Address: Elizabetes Street 55, Center District, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

Phone number: +37129299444


Dance club on the first floor and karaoke bar beneath. Decent, friendly atmosphere and good priced drinks. Open until the early hours and worth a punt if you're looking for an evening dancing or singing the night away.
Review by Paul Richardson

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Nice party place, be prepared to pay 100 euros to get a table but can be used for drinks until it's finished. There cocktails almost didnt have any alcohol they served it well but seemed Virgin...
Anyway overall great place.
Review by Diana Skrjaba

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Friends club is a cool place to hang out and spend your weekend's nights. Multiple lunges available there. You can both dance and sing karaoke. Also, there is a kitchen working where you can order a great meal which makes you feel much better at about 1 a.m.. All this is combines in one place to make sure you get most of your party! Average age is aprox. about 29-33. Great security team is out there to make your stay safe and prevent any stupid actions from mad visitors. Smoking is allowed outside of the club, which again, makes you feel comfortable on the dance floor or at the bar!
Review by Disht Advani

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Greatest place for quality karaoke whole week long. Yes, sometimes too many Russian songs but heard there as well plenty of songs in English, Latvian, French, Finnish, German, Lithuanian, Estonian and other languages.
Review by Andris Soroka

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