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Shari Vari - Play House

/ Shari Vari - Play House
Shari Vari - Play House


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +390668806936


Really nice night club in the heart of Roma. Different rooms with different kind of music and good drinks. The basement is really a comfy and cool place with beautiful decoration, and the whole club has a very classic indoor architecture. The people who use to go is mostly young in average.
Review by Anonymous person


My girlfriend and I took a few days away from London, and we wanted a festive restaurant experience when in Rome. Safe to say that we were not disappointed !
The restaurant is posh (the place and the people in it), and the atmosphere was great. It was a good combination: first italian music during dinner, then more festive music to dance afterwards.
Review by Valentin Borisavljevic


I’ve been to plenty of clubs and this one was a crowded mess to say the least. The music was actually good(but mainly English), the drinks were pricey, and the damn crowd was what made this night unbearable. For the love of god limit the amount of people you let in. We couldn’t even dance in place because people were pushing and elbowing non-stop for the entire two hours we were there. Would absolutely NOT recommend, they need to limit their crowds so people can actually enjoy themselves.. but that doesn’t seem to be their goal.
Only go here if you want to splurge on a VIP section, otherwise you’ll be covered in sweat.. and you won’t know if it’s your or the 100 people you rubbed against.
Review by Monika Kielbowicz


Pretty nice club, music is a good mix of pop, rap and RnB.
3 different dance floors with rising intensity and density of people (it gets waaaaaay to full at the end - making the last/ biggest dance floor more of a "packed like sardines" floor.
Free entrance that night - even as a guy. Big plus. Drink prices therefore logically sky high.
Most important, sausage party starting at around 3 am.
All in all, it's worth a look but don't expect too much.
Review by Veselina Sokolova


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