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Salento Night Club

/ Salento Night Club
Salento Night Club


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: A. Vienuolio st. 4, Vilnius 01104, Litva

Phone number: +37067682015


Latino/pop-music only, the same playlist, transitions are absolutely trash. Drinks are costly, but entry is free. 85% of people are foreigners, mostly Erasmus students. Overall, this is not the club to go to if you’re seeking for good DJ’s or decent music overall.
Review by Rokas Judickas


Music is really bad, same playlist. Of course they only care about money, drinks are overpriced (except beer) and people kissing everywhere. 1 star for the very friendly staff. Unfortunately is the only way for Erasmus people, that’s why it’s full with them.
Review by Berkay Koçak


Was recommended to go here by friends, had a really great time, danced for 5 hours, got wasted (again). tried other clubs in the city, most were small and empty. this is the best place to party in vilnius by far. awesome.
Review by Celia Pettit


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