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Just Cavalli Milano - Restaurant & Club

/ Just Cavalli Milano - Restaurant & Club
Just Cavalli Milano - Restaurant & Club


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Viale Luigi Camoens, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +3902311817


Went here for dinner and for the club. Food was just ok. Pizza’s were huge. Definitely one to share. The rest of the food was just there. When you book have to be clear you want the table for the whole night for the club but. They kicked us off our table at 1.30am. Club was cool though - DJ played good music and there were lots of interesting people around.
Review by Lara Olafisoye


My employer had booked dinner for the company here for the last evening of the company conference, and it was a good choice. Food was excellent, the waiters quick and friendly and the atmosphere was nice. The evening we were there, they had decorated the place to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and they had really made an effort. The whole glass ceiling was packed with red helium baloons with gold strands hanging from them, and combined with red lights, it was magnificent. After dinner, tables were removed and the night club took over. The place attracted a really trendy crowd, so we fit right in.
Review by Jan Befring


This place is really special. Its something more than extraordinary.  You can have nice drinks and get to know to a lot of different people. I can just recommend.
Review by Ilias Luft


Very exclusive club and wonderful food with covid time however no real dancefloor and VIP privé area big rip-off... any drink at the restaurant vip privé area is 20€ no matter if it's just a coca cola or longdrink. Once out of this area drinks are all for 10€... so we felt pretty betrayed... Moreover, after having spend 300€ on drinks and food they asked us first to leave as soon as possible, because my friend and I did not decide to take a bottle. The club is for bigger groups apparently better than just for 2.
Review by Anonymous person


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