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Nepentha Club

/ Nepentha Club
Nepentha Club


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Piazza Armando Diaz, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +3902804837


It’s nice and the music is fun. Historical but claustrophobic because dug underground, small and the bar tenders are extremely slow in serving the crowd.
Review by Giulio Maggioni


It is worth going there if the entrance is free (check facebook page for events).
Only exception is Dirty Mondays (usually 12€ on guestlist, available on facebook): absolutely to go if you love Rock.
Review by Anonymous person


Entrance costs for the first drink with reduced buffet, the costs rise when the evening starts with cocktails at 15 euros. Cute environment, a little small track, in fact you can dance sometimes even in private places. They say it is one of the historic clubs in Milan. Try it at least 1 time.
Review by Salvatore Polizzotti


The aperitif buffet is excellent and the guys who laid it out are very kind .. For the rest, nothing very very small, row to the endless wardrobe and the lady is not very nice .. Towards one, it filled up so much that you could no longer stay inside, suffocating air and crushed people! Very very young boys
Cost of the drik maybe a little too high for the low quality of the drink itself!
Review by Alice Galetti


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