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Old Fashion Club

/ Old Fashion Club
Old Fashion Club


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Palazzo dell'Arte, Viale Luigi Camoens, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +393290118343


As tourists, we did not know where to go out on Friday night, however we were recommended this place by a bartender so decided to go. In the queue we were easily let in, we were there with other French guys, which made us a bigger mixed group. The bouncers were a big indecisive at first, but I think that’s because of how busy the club was more likely. However, I believe that they should pay more attention to the males inside the club, as there was multiple ones that did not know to take NO for an answer sadly.
Apart from that, the bartenders were really nice and made good drinks, it was a big overpriced, but for the venue it’s worth paying the price. And lastly, the music that was playing was a good mix of Latin songs, and even if dancing was forbidden the mood was great!
Review by Tea Constantin


Club is nice, we where there on a Saturday night in January. Made reservations though WhatsApp wat was quick. When we where there the average age was max 25. So if that's oke with you its a nice club, for us it was to young. Entree was 25 euro with a free drink. To hang up your coats is 5 euro for every coat.
Review by Jason Mertens


Went out there for a night out. Very good crowd and decent music. Shisha and bottle service is not the cheapest but still not bad at all. Crowd is more on the fancy side. Good door policy I guess.
Review by Anonymous person


Went relatively early and the bouncers were nice. The music wasn’t great, but I still had fun went with my boyfriend. It’s nice because it’s outdoors so it doesn’t get way too hot, and if you only speak English you should be able to get around easily enough.
Review by Natalia Mc Kenna


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