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Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Rävala pst 8, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +37258377788


Rock! Handicraft beers! Regular events!
Need I say more?
Ok... I will actually anyways!
This is the best go to beer and metal head place in Tallinn. The music can vary from famous 70s rock to todays trash metal or heavy.
The events are regular and I really do mean it, almost weekly. A band or two of Estonian rockers, newer and older bands.
Diverse and very fun people to be around with while also seeing the new and upcoming musicians.
Review by Perseus Portaliono


Awesome bar for alternative events, good sound, had some good czech beer, not much to eat though, as it usually is with bars. But if a loud rock/metal/other concert + beer and friends is your jam, this is a good pick.
Review by Atis Tiltiņš


Great little bar, they recently added a bottle shop with craft cans and bottles for take away. Very welcome additional way to support your favorite bar during these dark times.
Review by Brady Maxwell


It's an awesome Rock and Metal bar. There's always something cool going on, whether it's live concerts, karaoke nights or even metal trivia games. Cool people, amazing stuff, in summary, it's a great place. Highly recommend.
Review by Mihkel Šorin


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