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Humboldthain Club

/ Humboldthain Club
Humboldthain Club


Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +493046905365


A great place for a night out.
Especially the techno ping pong on every Tuesdays.
The entry is 3€ which is reasonable.
They do close a bit early. Would’ve loved to play there for a few more minutes.
But overall, it’s a nice place.
Review by Anonymous person


Nice music with a wide mix of styles. There are two dancefloors:
Downstairs= techno
Upstairs= relaxed electronic and funk mix
Was there on a friday night. Queue took about 30 minutes, entry fee was 12€.
Love the disco ball jesus downstairs, the overall atmosphere is dark and the walls full of memories. Dresscode was very relaxed, saw people wearing everything from girls in tracksuits to guys in hawaii shirts. People here were in their early to mid twenties.
Overall can recommend the place for a night out dancing. In summer you can also use the large outdoor area to relax.
Review by Arno Fry


First time at a Berlin club. I was a little intimidated going there because I knew how selective and random entry can be, so I'll be extra detailed in my experience because I spent so much time reading reviews of clubs before going out.
It was a Saturday night. I went alone, made sure not to be drunk when in line. Wore all black. Line wasn't too long, waited around 30 minutes. Door guy looked at my ID, quickly realized I was American. My German is pretty much nonexistent. He had me stand there for about 2 or 3 minutes, spoke to the other bouncers and then they let me in. It was awesome inside. Great heavy techno downstairs. Awesome disco and grooves upstairs. Bartenders were alright. I would definitely go again. Definitely seemed like a young crowd that night.
Review by Oscar Collado


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