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Raspoutine Rome

/ Raspoutine Rome
Raspoutine Rome


Country: Italy

City: Rome

Address: Via Maria Cristina, 2, 00196 Roma RM, Italy

Phone number: +390689565272


One of the best clubs In Rome! Dinner at Pacifico followed by Raspoutine proved to be an excellent formula. Staff were very friendly, nice atmosphere, elegant people and the DJ was brilliant! Highly recommended.
Review by Philippe Saad


The restaurant is nice and looks good. It could embody the underground spirit. The music selection also goes very well. The rest is not so much .. we start from the usual selection at the entrance very fake with friends of friends always there to appear ... inside after a while we say that you get bored because the problem is people too flat and always the same .. . besides that very formal ... you know the friend of this of that ... I repeat the place is great but the management is typically Roman for Romans.
Review by Stefania Todini Talenti


So let's start from the beginning.
Allow me to disagree on all the criticisms I read, starting with the management which Mr. Marco Rabacchi deals with, ending with the coordination and booking of the events followed by Chiara.
Meanwhile there is one thing to say. Once I contacted Mr. Rabacchi to book a table he very kindly turned to me the contact of Chiara who dedicated me a whole day on the same day of New Year for booking a table because I should have spent the New Year there but I was detained in Milan for work.
Having had a friend of mine there in Rome who also should have spent the new year with me at rasputine I communicated the contact details of Chiara who made herself available and professionally allowed my friend to spend an epic evening in contrast to what you all say.
Before judging the work or the choices of people who run an activity, try a second to think that there are places and situations that are not suitable for everyone and we are not talking about racism or favoritism but simply about protecting their own interests since my loved ones reviewers there are good money invested and no coins.
In any case, I would like to thank Mr. Rabacchi for his availability and professionalism and Miss Chiara for all the time devoted to me.
Top place in Rome frequented by beautiful people spectacular cocktails.
What can I say as soon as I am in Rome, I will immediately come and enjoy a nice evening with you.
Review by Alessio Piceci


I didn't like it because with the star wars event they discarded my character, when he was perfect and he had nothing wrong, just because and a female character they didn't consider me they only wanted male armor, this is not done and discrimination! And then they put hostesses in the middle who had nothing to do with the event and even ugly!
Review by Francy Ruggeri


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