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Apophis Club

/ Apophis Club
Apophis Club


Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: Via Carlo Giuseppe Merlo, 3, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Phone number: +393425732668


Oh well.. the most incredible and Misterious club of the year for sure, the place is amazing is like having a private party at Barman’s personal club with a fresh touch of pop lights and sexy atmosphere. The bar, tables and membership cards have been created by an Italian artist and are all made in copper, a very big selection of superior alcoholics and a very serious team of mixologists with the best music in town will keep you flying for the whole night. They say is very easy to find the love in there.
Review by Francesca Ghezzi


It would be a perfect place if it weren't for the girl who checks the lists who also makes the desire to enter pass ... while he worked. Instead the bodyguards and the wardrobe guy are all very kind and helpful, even the place is very nice and the drinks are excellent.
Review by Sofia Ghezzi


A club that was missing in Milan!
Super cozy London style atmosphere and music always right!
Review by Giorgia Taffari


New (but not too much) place for the Milanese nightlife, small but full of surprises. You only enter the list or with a card. huge variety of gin.
Review by Ramon Cerrito


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