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Club Shikorina Cruise

/ Club Shikorina Cruise
Club Shikorina Cruise


Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Hamnpirsvägen 10, 115 41 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +4686663333


Really?!? Worst restaurant experience to date! The somewhat nice location and the moderate beer selection just don't make up for extremely bad, slow and un-coordinated service, rotten lettuce, dry fish, grainy sauce and sour and way too old whipped cream. I'm amazed we didn't all get food poisioning. Oh, and they find it extremely problematic to spilt bills? Honestly, I would rather have wiped a certain part of my body with the money I paid for this yesterday...they would have been better spend that way...
Review by Christina Hansen Wheat

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

If you come here, it is because of the people and the atmosphere it they give. Though the whole bar is located in a building to be raised they have good standars. I however recomend a visit before its raised to the ground. Wonderful place to see the summerday end and start with a good beer, or strawberry daquari.
Review by Fredrik Norberg

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Really good sound and light, good shows and artists. But the stage is a bit low down and there are a lot of people for such a small room so it gets awfully hot in there. Make sure you get a good seat if you are not that tall.
Review by Anonymous person

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