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RITUAL Cocktail Club

/ RITUAL Cocktail Club
RITUAL Cocktail Club


Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Address: Mazowiecka 12, 00-048 Warszawa, Poland

Phone number: +48723235555


I had a nice and wonderful experience at RITUAL, I definitely recommend this club. The music, lightshow, drinks, workers and don’t forget the service.
There was a lovely girl who made my night, her name started with the letter M, she was very thoughtful and she carefully served me, I liked the way how she helped me and welcomed me even though I was there for the first time. When it was time to go home, she ordered me a taxi, because my phone was dead. Great service and super club. When I come back to Warsaw, I will definitely go again to RITUAL and make once again good memories.
Review by Rowan Redjosentono


Good place to spend a night with friends. Ritual is a bar, but it is designed in a quite luxury way. It is the place where you can have a drink, eat something light, talk with your friends or new people and at the same time dance. The music is distributed in a very good way, so, there are places to talk and to dance. Moreover, you can save the moment by taking a photo, because the photograph is presented in every event, and the photos are of a really good quality.
Review by Vitaliia Ihnatenko


One of the best bars in town, with good ambiance, acceptable prices and friendly staff. Good location, ideally reachable from most restaurants and to clubs later.
Review by Sonia Juliasyah


Great music if you're into electronic music!! House, deep house, tech house. Can't recommend enough. Not cheap though (comparing to the neighbors) 12 zloty for a beer (about 3€, still cheap comparing to other European countries).
Review by Tomás Belo


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