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Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Address: Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Phone number: +493061401306


We went to a Che Sudaka concert. Staff and people there were good. Non smoking policy although you can find a smoking room. Toilets are clean and with toilet paper!!! Beer was a bit pricy (4€). Atmosphere completely fab! Would definitely come back
Review by María Del Amor Molina Baena


This place is great.  SO36 exsist for over 20 years.  I was in this space for the first time 6 years ago.  It was Sunday and a themed evening - Cafe Fatal.  Who likes to dance, and who doesn't like to dance, during Fatal can dance or just watch great players.  It doesn't matter if it's swing, samba, rumba or tango.  During Cafe Fatal, you can meet great people and learn basic steps of one of the dances with them. After our visit to the club and Cafe Fatal, my friend enrolled in a dance school
Review by Grüne Daumen


Great evening, the bands were more then enjoyable. The accoustics were a bit harsher compared to a bigger venue, but still okay and it gave it a nice character.
The SO36 Team was also a pleasant bunch, so give it a visit, drink some beer and get lost in the crowd.
Review by Patrick Abraham


This venue is a Berlin icon and around for over 30 years. I went here a first time to the spectacular and also legendary 'Kiez Bingo' with 2 friends from Berlin. This place has a very special place in their heart. MUST VISIT IN BERLIN and keep it going for years to come
Review by Bjorn Troch


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