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Park Residence

/ Park Residence
Park Residence


Country: Ukraine

City: Odessa

Address: Frantsuzkyj bulv. 85/1, Odessa 65058, Ukraine

Phone number: +380 73 780 0300


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@park_residence_odessa 20.07.2018
See you 17.08.201...
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Odessa, Ukraine.<br />
@park_residence_odessa is one of t...
Odessa, Ukraine.
@park_residence_odessa is one of t...
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#parkresidenceodessa #martini #baletudo


Such a nightmare !
First of all the place is beautiful, girls are amazing but if you are foreign be ready to be fully robbed. Price was 400gr for 1 man and we had to pay 3 times that money as a deposit which is fine for French (30 euro) and you can drink it. In the queue we heard that a person died eating sushi the same week (and later that info was reconfirmed by several other persons with no connection between them). Only few people were dancing (total disappointment) so we decided to go crazy and spent 600 euro in bottles. We were served at a table and quickly 6 or 7 prostitutes came to drink our bottles. In few minutes the bottles were empty and a door guy asks us to leave the place or buy more bottles. They were rude so much that even the prostitutes started to fight with the security. (By the way girls are well-known there to put drugs in your glass, caution !) We decided to leave ..... Sad night.... fake and dangerous place particularly if you like sushis
Review by 639benoita


Nice place, but cheating on you
We’ve was 5 people , Friday night, hostess first said there is no free table at all ... when we was near to out she said: ok one we have for 5000 deposit .
Ok , let’s take one . Meanwhile we move to this table, she said it was taken already by someone else ?! )))) really??? Ok . Now she have a table for 8000.
Ok , let’s take one . On the way to those one it also was occupied by others !!! How ? There is only one responsible hostess there !
Ok .... the end of this story - we get a table for 12000 . We did only because not to destroy the mood for our crowd about night out .
Food was great, thanks God .
DJ play Russian 80s
So think better before to destroy your night out with visiting this place
Review by Marina R


Great setting, poor kitchen
location is great, the setting fantastic...
for the birthday of our 4-year old, we decided to invite our guests in the new “children-terrace” with lots of safe things to do for the little humans...
BUT of course, the parents need to eat, right ?

And that, was again a typical “close but no cigare”...
I start to ask myself where those chefs learn the metier ?
I guess on youtube...but then sure they chose the wrong videos, probably in russian...explaining why not many “chefs” here get some acceptable level...

The prices are on the high side...surely according to the quality !

I would say...never again, except if i am invited on a next children birthday party ;)

Such a nice place deserves a creative and skilled chef !
I guess that is hard to find around here...
Review by FlemishExpat


Amazing place for karaoke
This club is located a bit far from the city center near Arcadia area.

It is very well decorated bith from outside and inside.

The first floor has tables to sit and order food and drinks while the second floor is for karaoke.

I do not suggest to order food over there because it is expensive and not really good or tasty at all so come there when you're full after a good meal.

They have an English menu but the staff doesn't seem to speak a word in English.

During the summer time they have parties outside in the swimming pool.

The karaoke is nice and cost 50 UAH per song and you can spend there a nice time with friends while in the first floor you can enjoy the party and dance.

Overall it is a really nice place just pay attention to the prices as it is cheap.
Review by poachsta


Expensive but still OK
Service is good, food is nice and location is very relaxing. Beware the higher prices (still low by western standards)
Review by AndersUA


It's nice place for food and it's kind of night club too I heard, food was good and nice having it along side the pool, they do shisha too if any one interest
Review by shri32


Saturday Night Out at one of the Top Venues in Odessa
The Park Residence Club in Odessa is a very up market restaurant and night club.
It is highly advisable to book a table in advance because it will be difficult to get a table if you just arrive at the venue.
As I already mentioned the Park Residence Club is a up market venue and so be prepared to pay for quality in a sophisticated environment.
The food is of a very high standard and is served within a reasonable time of ordering.
The Park Residence club has 3 floors and has something for everyone.
In the summer months it also has a outdoor swimming pool and beautiful landscaped garden and seating area.
The Park Residence Club hosts some of the finest DJ's , so you can really expect some outstanding club music.
All the high society of Odessa frequently attend the Park Residence Club, so you will be in the company of a very select crowd of people.
I have visited the Park Residence Club on several occasions and felt that I should finally give a review .
I highly recommend the Park Residence Club and trust me in saying that you will really have a fantastic night out.
Also in the summer you can visit during the daytime.
Review by Sanjiv N


Nice and secured place
I was in the deep evening for a big party.
Perfect DJs, nice music, quality food. Staff is good trained and know English.
Use a taxi: there are not too much parking places.
In the day you can use a swimming pool, so take trunks or swimsuit.
Review by Sergey S


This place doent let the tourists go in the charge 1000 grivna
Very bad place dont come!!!
Review by ilay fadlon


Cool people and mature atmosphere not like the kid's clubs on the beach. Nice food. Expensive
Review by Yuval Mani


This place is definitely not for people from the civilized world. Ant-slip tiles around the pool or in common areas? Accessible bathrooms? Shallow pool for kids? Nah, who needs this stuff! Let's just charge US prices for drinks nobody here knows how to make properly and prohibit guests from bringing in food or drink for their children and call it an "elite" resort.
Review by Igor Rafalovsky


Maybe in the summer it' s good. It' s inside is very small and tables only for big groups. And they eat always, like not club, like a restaurant nearly. But it' s a high quality place
Review by Onur Günay



The Park Residence is considered one of the most glamorous outdoor areas in Odessa. It combines several zones: a nightclub, a restaurant, a concert platform, a sushi bar and karaoke. The karaoke music database is updated once a month, so all new hits and favourite old songs can be found on the menu. Park Residence is a fancy place, so it is important to be well-dressed to get in.

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