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Blaze Go-Go Bar

/ Blaze Go-Go Bar
Blaze Go-Go Bar


Country: Norway

City: Oslo

Address: Grensen 1 Inngang fra, Møllergata, 0159 Oslo, Norway

Phone number: +4722411318


Blaze is the most popular/famous gentlemen's club in Oslo. Always gets crowded around 1-2am in the weekends.
I've had a lot of good times here, but it's not my favorite gentlemen's Oslo. I don't like that it usually gets too crowded, in my opinion. It's also a bit too expensive. 1600NOK for a private dance is over the top. You can get a lap dance in your seat for 500NOK if you'd prefer that.
On the upside there are always a couple of really beautiful girls here. If you want to buy the girls something to drink I can recommend getting them a cocktail , these aren't watered out like in some places and doesn't cost more than buying a drink for yourself. I've actually realized that you can buy a girl about 15-20 cocktails for the price of one bottle of champagne(2700NOK). So therefor I rarely order the champagne bottles anymore.
All in all a decent gentlemen's club, but if your an "all in guy" like me, it tend to get very expensive visits.
Review by Johannes Magnum


Blaze is for the moment best club in Oslo. Small and cozy and real entertainment. Be sure nobody will cheat you. It is much much better then string and others. If you have your favourite girl inside it’s really fun.
Review by Kim Larsen


Good place to enjoy themselves and watch the show ladies stripper.
Not allowed to take pictures in the room but very cozy place to be.
Doormen are the best in Oslo place I can recommend
Just respect the rules and you get further.
Review by Karim Montana


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