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Baras ställe - Restaurang & Nattklubb på Södermalm

/ Baras ställe - Restaurang & Nattklubb på Södermalm
Baras ställe - Restaurang & Nattklubb på Södermalm


Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Address: Västgötagatan 4, 118 27 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone number: +4686695855


Awesome secluded bar and a club with amazing decorations.
They changed the manager recently, so now music selection is perfect even for a very demanding audience.
Potentially next big thing in the cultural landscape of Stockholm.
Review by Dmitry Labadin

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Very nice staff from the kitchen to the door via the bar, in addition you have thought of the decor. Kitschigt maybe someone thinks. But I think the decor works more than good compared to most other notches I frequent.
In the afternoon / evening during weekdays it is a good mix of ages with overhangs in my direction (soon to be ready for the family run). However, it will be a bit more of a leisure farm Friday and Saturday evening / night. But I strongly suspect that this is how the owners want it.
Review by Anonymous person

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We were in for two glasses of wine after work, unattended bartender even though there were not very many people. People got service before us even though they got to the bar later the bartender just looks straight ahead ...
We'll see if there will be a return visit.
Review by Mikael Eriksson

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I like the bar, good prices, good location but always someone in my company who is badly treated by the guards every time I am there. Otherwise it would have been a favorite place.
Review by Karl Mörtberg

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