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Teras Beach Tallinn Indoor Beach

/ Teras Beach Tallinn Indoor Beach
Teras Beach Tallinn Indoor Beach


Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Lõuka 6, 13516 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +37253070001


A nice place for even the bachelor party to spend time, there is also a sauna and you can buy beer there.  Here you can play volleyball or even a larger group of padels.  The sand is imported from Africa and quite white, albeit in volleyball in a disappointing effort underfoot.
Review by Harri Ehoniemi


A perfect place to play beach tennis or volleyball when the weather outside ain't delightful. Indoor areas are also perfect for hanging out with a medium crowd for smaller events. Will definitely come back here!
Review by Rasmus Koit


Very nice indoor beach for beach volleyball training. The sand is different from other places, making it more difficult to jump and run, which makes you stronger by training there. Also has sauna with a nice view over the entire arena.
Review by Karl-Andero Mere


A perfect place for sports and organizing all types of business events event. The staff members are extremely kind and helpful. They’ll help in organizing the event for you. Ask for VIP sauna to add some luxyry. Highly recommend!
Review by Aimo Taskinen


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