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VOICE Karaoke - Karaoke Tallinn

/ VOICE Karaoke - Karaoke Tallinn
VOICE Karaoke - Karaoke Tallinn


Country: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Address: Harju 6, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone number: +37258899556


They ripped us off , at first they charge each of us 20€ for the entrance and when we wanted to sing they say you should pay 3€ for each song although we ordered drink and all ! What a rip-off! And we understood that they charged our friends_ who went there some other time_ 1€ per song! That makes me angry , I wouldn't recommend this place at all!
Review by Elnaz Alaei


We really recommend stopping into this superb karaoke bar when your in Tallinn! Me and my wife came here on a holiday, and decided to have a night out with some friends, amazing service, atmosphere and fair pricing. We will definitely visit again next time we are in town.
Review by Anonymous person


A high-quality karaoke sound with an extended list of songs. A catalog is available through the app. Friendly environment. I would recommend it for the party.
Review by Oleg Maksimenko


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