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Pracovnia Art-Club

/ Pracovnia Art-Club
Pracovnia Art-Club


Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

Address: Father Jerzy Popieluszko 16, 01-590 Warsaw, Poland

Phone number: +48228334450


Ambient, cozy athmosphere, good music once or twice a week, wide craft beers assortment, and very helpful and fun lovi ng Tomek, Da Dude! Highly recommended. Cheers, and Na Zdrowie!
Review by Andy Cieslak


Visit this place while in Warsaw.  Counterculture, beat generations, hippie gigs. Plenty of independent artists go there to perform. I go there often to see my friends on stage. It's better to check out what's going beforehand.
Review by Piotr Mazur


A very nice place and a lot of interesting cultural events. To get there you have to go downstairs and there is a large hall. There are sofas, tables and chairs in it. Plus just for the presence of couches. The gentleman from the bar was very nice and helpful in choosing drinks. Large selection of soft drinks. The place is slightly off the beaten track but easy to find. The toilet is up the stairs. The decor of the place is such a typical pub.
Review by Anonymous person


Lots of music events. A place with an atmosphere, you can often find a concert. Great selection of craft beers. Such a place with a soul, certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking for a place for a getaway with friends, where you can have a good time and listen to interesting music, this is it. Ps. It's a bit hard to hit. Inconspicuous entrance.
Review by Anonymous person


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