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Metelica, naktinis klubas

/ Metelica, naktinis klubas
Metelica, naktinis klubas


Country: Litva

City: Vilnius

Address: Vokiečių st. 2, Vilnius 01130, Litva

Phone number: +37067818841


I do not recommend the club: now I will explain why:
1) Entrance fee 10€ - you need to pay 2€ for a wardrobe, otherwise they won't let you in clothes.
2) Beer 0.33 ml costs 6 euros. Prices are high.
4) The floors in the establishment are all sticky.
5) To get to the toilet, you need to go through the entire smoky smoking room.
6) Having entered the club, IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO EXIT IT, or you need to pay again for entry 10 €.
7) Russian music, only remixes, the track +/- plays for 40 seconds and switches to another track.
Review by Valerija Szpakowa


The club is clearly putting all the money into advertising because the tragedy is inside. First of all, only marozos and children are allowed in. After buying tickets for an event, you still have to wait in line with anyone who wants to buy tickets. Buying tickets in advance makes no sense. Going inside asks for € 2 for the jacket to be attached, and when you need to retrieve the jacket doesn't find it because they are all stacked and you need to look for the jacket yourself !! The concert was an hour and a half late, the organization miserable. You probably don't even need to mention that we will never go back there and recommend all friends not to visit this place.
Review by Anonymous person


Well lately, there’s really been a mess there. The floor on the 2nd floor near the bar sticks, the carpet is as if unwashed and has not been chemically treated for 10 years. The railings are all sticking, 1 hacked fails to tidy up before opening. From the second floor, looking at the canvas is full of garbage and a balloon, as if passing through last night. In the smokehouse, when there are a lot of people, it is impossible to have ventilation and there is no smell of smokers, there is no place to breathe, which is why most people smoke outside the smokehouse. Well, fix it up finally. How much is possible?
Review by Augis Urbanavičius


We went there from Kaunas because there was a Turkish night.We entered the place at 11 o'clock.Turkish night started at 3 am and lasted only half an hour.From what I've heard, the nights of other countries start off quite normally.And it ends at 3. But our night Started at 3o'clock and ended at 03:30. Ok, the music etc. was good, but it wasn't worth the wait.Thanks for giving us this opportunity in a foreign country, but it was not what we expected.
Review by Elif İrem


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